When we lived in Vancouver, what feels like eons ago but was really about 11 years ago, for years my favorite Thursday thing was to go scoop a copy of the latest Georgia Straight. Everything entertainment plus loads of good articles and goodness about Vancouver and beyond. I remember scanning it for favorite bands that might be playing at the Commodore and finding the latest dance clubs, of course.

A friend recently alerted me that they were having a cover illustration challenge, so I just had to submit!

The overall theme is open but they suggested to think of Summer in Vancouver. I came up with this happy lovey gal, riding her bike on the seawall, playing happy tunes and enjoying the pink lemonade-y music festival days of summer.
Soundtrack to this one (I always seem to have a song playing in my head when I draw lol!) is Sax it Up by Sax Machine (bet you’ll love it!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNs8FtiKniw
I started it as a pencil sketch, then brought it into Procreate– what the heck would I ever do without Procreate, I swear!- where I created the colour art. Then I finished it up in Photoshop with some grungey textures, and off it went. Fingers crossed!
#illustration #summer #rainbow #love #procreate