I’ve just added a bunch of new Christmas-y art to my portfolio, you can check it all out here on my Portfolio page.

I have some big goals brewing for 2020, so, will be making some big changes on this site to freshen it up and allow for new things to grow.

I’m being brave and letting go of parts of me and my work that no longer suit the direction I want to go. You can’t move forward into the light while still dragging along old junk stored in dusty old boxes that you never look at anymore, ammiright? (This seems to be an ongoing theme for me over the past few years!)

Over the holidays, so in a couple weeks, I’ll be revamping this website to be fully illustration and licensed art focussed. All old sewing, quilting, patterns, and tutes will be removed. It’s time to let those go. Even though the tute I posted for making rope baskets is still the top hit on my site everyday, I just have to clear it out. So nab the info while you can, if you want it!

I’ll keep my blog to post new work, and share news, but I’m pretty done with the rest. It feels like I’m just keeping it around for other people’s use and interest, not mine.
And hey, if I want to jump on that bandwagon and declutter and do all that stuff, it no longer sparks joy so out it goes.

I’m also discontinuing Soul Portraits, as fun as they are, it’s time for a change.

On to bright and happy things for 2020!