I just realized I haven’t posted anything for almost a month, what?
I’ve been busy working on a few things, including lots of new illustration work for my agent. I have so much new work bursting in my head that needs to get out! You can see what I’ve been working on in my portfolio here (I’m adding more this week as it happens too!).

I’ve had a few very exciting contracts come in, and some samples arrive of pieces that are out in the world, it’s so cool to see them in real life!

I was a lucky duck and my work got selected to illustrate an article in Spirituality & Health magazine, via an illustration challenge on They Draw and Cook!

How exciting is that! I feel super honoured and grateful that is for sure.

This past month’s challenge was for Super Foods, this is my entry. (And this recipe is yummmm! I have it regularly for lunch, delish!).

I’m becoming really interested in how food and nutrition works and fuels, and heals, your body. And how it all ties in to emotional health as well.

I’ve been going to a wonderful RMT (registered massage therapist) for several months now and she has made a huge difference in my life. I can’t sing her praises enough, she’s simply meant to do what she does.
I was in so much physical pain when I first went to see her, and am so thankful for my friend who nudged me to go see her, I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t work for very long without being in excruciating pain, and couldn’t move really at all. Turns out after several GP visits who told me I had a slipped or inflamed disc in my neck, and unhelpful and unnecessary pills being shoved at me, I have tennis elbow, and that nastiness messes with your entire body from your neck to your legs. She’s wrestled that beast into submission, and now I’m pretty much pain-free. Phew. Now I go once a month to keep myself moving, worth every penny in so many ways.

I know now too that it all ties in to the crappy dysfunctional f*mily stuff too, and letting go of that and releasing it from my body is a huge step in healing that I’m working on. If I get triggered or a bad memory comes up, (thankfully that is way less frequently now) I can feel my whole body tense up, my shoulders tighten, my jaw clenches, my back hunches over, (self protection and preservation mode for sure) and I just hurt all over. I also start stress eating and packing on the pounds, undoing the hard work I’ve done so far and that is not a good path to go down. I find it super interesting how it affects the body, and your life in general, in that way. Like they say, getting to the root core of it all is so key. Learning about that in combination with diet and exercise, and things to do when crappy things come up, is super fascinating and something I want to learn a lot more about. Just being aware of it happening is important in itself.

Anyway! I was talking about new work…!

I officially gave up on the 100 Day project, as much as I love the idea of it, it just became one more thing to get done in a day. But I will be continuing the alphabet project I started, with letter G being next. Eventually!

I’ve been doing Make Art That Sells Assignment Bootcamp and it is SO much fun.
I find that I get stuck creating the same themes, colours, and styles, so this has really helped me think and work outside of my normal comfort zone. I wish I could take all of the MATS classes just for that reason!
These are some of the pieces I’ve created in that course and as a working illustrator, I can SO recommend taking it just to really stretch your creative muscles!

I just heard that this piece will be appearing in Uppercase Magazine to accompany an article about the new book, Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life, by Beth Kempton that it was inspired by!

Some characters from the “mini” part of this month’s assignment that I am working on. We were given several items and old photos to work with and these two characters came to life for me with their thoughts as they sit still for their portraits…


I have not been keeping up with painting. And I keep thinking I should be doing some, but I find myself glued to my ipad instead.
I’m a few classes behind on my A Year of Painting course classes, one lesson I just got stuck on, one I wasn’t feeling the overall theme of at all. Sometimes that happens. I find I go in spells of creativity and media, and right now I’m on a serious roll with my illustration work so I’m going with that. But, will be diving in the next painting lesson this weekend. Or at least that’s the plan. Get caught up and play with some squishy paint, yum!

And finally, although not officially art, it’s been a ton of work, in a good way, our kitchen renos are pretty much done for stage one. New flooring went in, and now we’re saving up for new countertops, backsplash tile, sink.  Have to say it’s made a huge difference, the kitchen is much more functional and seems a lot bigger and brighter. Thanks to my genius hubby who figured it all out, made the plan, and executed it brilliantly! It’s very satisfying to work on it and say hey! We put that flooring in ourselves! Or I helped assemble and hang those cabinets! But we’re so glad that the bulk of it is all done too!

More new work coming up soon!