I just finished the last piece for my upcoming solo show! All of the pieces are now done, phew!

First is a piece I painted of my awesome buddy Cathy’s barn and garden. I named it Garden of Friends. She and her hubby have a beautiful property that they caretake with so much love, you can feel it radiating when you visit. I just had to paint it, and asked if I could, no obligation or commitment. I just wanted to paint it because it is so pretty and peaceful.  I love the purple smoke tree and all the flowers. And I added a barn quilt just for fun, since Cathy is an amazing quilter.

SOLD! Garden of Friends, 30″x40″, acrylic on canvas

I absolutely loved painting this one! Loads of flowers and summer colours. What I love about summer light is the shadows, filled with loads of purples and blues. This piece is going to Cathy after my show! She got the one pre-sale pre-show, and I’m so glad she decided to purchase it. It will be a hard one to let go, but I know I can still visit it occasionally too! Huge, huge thank you to Cathy!!

And the final piece, I just finished this week, (well other than it’s coat of varnish which will go on today), I named American Beauty.

American Beauty, 30″x30″, acrylic on canvas

This piece is from a photo I spotted on Facebook from my friend Ann. It’s in Madison, CT. I asked her if I could paint it and she said absolutely! This one was really fun and I was imagining who would live there, who is sitting behind the curtains sipping their tea and talking to the neighbour about their roses? It also reminds me of my gran, who loved roses.

Annnnd finished!

11 pieces total for the show. All of them go to the gallery on Saturday, then the show officially starts on Tuesday, Sept. 12, and runs through Sept. 30, 2017. The reception is Saturday, Sept. 16, 1-4pm.
All pieces, with exception of Garden of Friends which is already sold, are for sale and available through the gallery at the show. Very exciting!

I will also have some select pieces available on art cards for sale at the gallery too.

I certainly feel very lucky and thankful to be able to paint, and sell my work, and have my very first, hopefully of many more to come, show. Pretty good for somebody who was once told to never be a painter, lol. I persevered and stuck to it. It takes years of experimenting and learning, studying technique and colour theory (yes there is some done specifically in each piece). Also lots of “seeing” and really reflecting what you see, not what you know, or as well as what you know. I could go on and on about that, lol, but will save it for another day.

So now, once I take a couple of days to catch my breath, and after an art battle tomorrow night via the Reach Gallery,  I have a very special commission to start next week of an Instagram buddy’s home in Detroit. Very much looking forward to starting on it! And then a special sewing commission to do as well. I haven’t really sewn in months, hello painting!, so I’m looking forward to that as well.

With much love and gratitude as always,