Some new work I’ve completed recently for Spoonflower design challenges.

The first design’s theme is “Swedish Folk Art” and is called Unicorn Candy Garden. It’s inspired by yummy Swedish candy.

I recently started Weight Watchers and candy is very “expensive” on their points system. So I figured I’d be inspired by the colours of it instead of scarfing down a bag of pick n’ mix candy from Ikea. Mmm candy…. Wouldn’t you love to see a set of bed sheets at Ikea, or, even some Pyrex with candy coloured unicorns and rainbows on it? I know I would!

This design is up for voting this week at Spoonflower, you can head over here to vote for your faves, and vote for as many as you like!

The next design theme for this week is “Bohemian”. I went with a magical gypsy theme.

Birds wearing tasselled malas, butterflies, a sparkly moon mandala, moonflower posies laden in crystals, and a starry glitter sprinkled in the background. Thinking this might become a full collection, I have ideas…. muahaha…

This design will be up for voting starting on Thursday.

If you’re interested, I know I always love seeing behind the scenes of designs and try to figure out process, here’s part of  the original drawing for this design:

I have started using mechanical pencils lately and I LOVE them. They feel more precise and I tend to sit longer and draw in more details. I was using regular sharpen-able pencils before and they are awesome, but don’t feel precise to me. Maybe it’s a weird designer/artist thing, lol. I also started drawing on graph paper, which I get the same feel from and love it.

I had left this theme a bit late, intending to get it done on the weekend but instead, sat and drew up the main elements yesterday morning, then scanned in my drawing, and got busy drawing it up digitally in Illustrator. Sometimes time-pressure is a good thing. Make decisions and stick to them. Get it done! And I’m super happy with how it turned out in the end!

Now back to painting, show pieces are set to be delivered next month, have 1-1/2 to finish then done! Then I have a new house portrait commission to start, some custom sewing, and of course art for my agent and a few other things I’m brewing up. And lots of walking- usually about 1.5 hrs or more/day- to get my daily steps for my WW activity points!


With much love and gratitude as always!