If you’re offended by swears, look away! This post is not for you. As always just for fun and no offense intended!
Just a note: Every sale helps me support my little fam. I’m just me, working away in my home office, sometimes outside in the backyard if the weather is just right. I’m not a huge faceless corporation. I create all my work one piece at a time. I work hard to keep my style and my skills fresh. And at 30+ years in the biz, it’s an ongoing thing, sometimes a challenge, but i love every minute of it!  
This week I have some new swears (and implied swears, haha!) up in my Society6 shop!
I’ve refreshed my Pretty Swe*ry art to give it a bit of je ne sais quois, still pretty and still sweary, just updated with new florals,  a bit of woodgrain, glitter (effect, not real glitter sadly!), and grunge, some of my fave things! 
Also available as tea towels prints in  my Spoonflower shop and coming up next on quilt block panels and repeats.
I’m so super grateful for everyone who supports me and my work! You help us pay bills, keep our two senior dogs healthy, (we had a whopper of year last year for vet bills, omg ouch!) keep the lights on, and food in our bellies. So thank you for every purchase, share, like, and comment, I so appreciate it all!
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With love and gratitude,