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The design challenge theme at Spoonflower this week is Affirmations.

I came up with this montage of hand-lettered words and doodles,  things you might jot down as reminders to yourself that you’re amazing!

Everyone is on their own journey and at various stages of discovering their true selves. Undoing old beliefs that don’t suit them anymore (and probably never did), and peeling back layers of things that aren’t really who they truly are at heart. It takes tons of time and what I think of now as discovering the root core of what is really holding you back or holding on to you. Sometimes it takes a major event- good or bad- to find that root, sometimes it’s a slow but steady awakening, sometimes it’s an epiphany, or any combination of things that make you go whoa. This isn’t right.

And it’s fucking scary, man. Stripping away everything you once thought was “you” only to find out that you were thinking of  yourself totally wrong and that “you” was something that somebody else forced on you for their own reasons. Layers upon layer of *stuff* that was piled up, right or wrong, good or bad, crazy, weird, sick, dysfunctional, whatever that stuff is, and tossing it out and starting over. Letting go of what you know, even if it’s hurtful and self destructive, (and often you won’t even see it that way ’til you take a huge step back and really look) is hard heart and soul work.

People would tell me I was a nice person, and I thought they were talking about somebody else. They would say I was talented, and I wouldn’t believe them. I kept myself small and off the radar to protect myself.  But some major stuff went down, and I started asking myself why. Why. Why. Googling things, and searching out reasons and definitions, finding answers to things I knew were wrong but had a hard time describing because they just don’t seem real and don’t make sense or add up.

I found answers. I spoke up. The people who were supposed to be there unconditionally turned their backs on me because I spoke up for once in my life. They didn’t want to hear it and didn’t like it, even when the undeniable truth was right under their noses. Nope. No way. They were used to treating me one way, and when I said no more, I rocked their boats. I finally saw what the real problem was, and that there was no way to change it.

That started a huge transformation for me. And I’m still transforming and growing and learning. I don’t recognize myself from a few years ago, and that person doesn’t exist anymore. And if people come looking for that person they won’t find her. Because I uncovered the real me and she’s way more fun than the previous me. She’s not afraid anymore. And I remind myself every day that I didn’t deserve what I used to be and importantly there’s no going back. Ever. I know now that it was never about me.

Wherever you are in your own journey, remember that you are worthy, you deserve to be treated with honesty, respect, dignity, and love.  You deserve to be celebrated, and you are allowed to shine. You’re allowed to speak up and speak the truth. And if you’re not finding that, and can, start walking in another direction. YOU’re so worth it.