I finally got my Society 6 shop up and running!

You can now order all kinds of cool stuff with some of my art on it, like prints, tees, notebooks, even blankets, duvets, and clocks! And their prices are super reasonable, which is awesome!

Things like mugs, and travel mugs,

and shower curtains!

I’ll be adding more art as it happens!

Also, I’ll be phasing out the physical items like art prints, in my shop, so if you’d like to buy directly from me, nab ’em while they’re still available. Producing and carrying inventory is expensive, yo’! So once my existing stock is gone, I’ll be focussing on offering my art via online services like Society 6, Spoonflower, Casetify, Craftsy for digital patterns, and more to come!

Thank you as always for supporting me and my work, it means a lot to me! Being an indie designer and artist, every bit helps and I’m grateful for your support, comments, likes, and shares.

With much love and gratitude,