If you have a dog, or dogs, you also have rolls of those poopy pick-up bags, that unravel in your pocket, fall on the ground into a puddle, or get lost when you most need them!


I created this pouch to solve the problem! The Walkin’ The Dog Poop Pick-up Bag Pouch!



It’s a small zip-top pouch that clips right to your pup’s leash (or your belt loop, whatever works for you!).


It takes minimal fabric, you can get away with 4 charm squares (two for the outside, and two for the lining) plus a small scrap for the tab on the side.


The only other notions you need are a key ring and snap clip (I got some at the local dollar store- cheap!), some ribbon, a zipper, and some fusible web.

Leave it clipped to the leash and you’ll always have it handy for walks! Norm and Charlie give it a thumbs/paws up after our walk yesterday!


You can find the pattern in my Craftsy shop here, or, watch this space as I will be sewing some up for my shop, shortly!

Thank you in advance for supporting me, as a small business and indie-designer, every cent helps support us and our pups, and my design and art work!

Much love,