Finding Peace in Every Day copy

I just entered this piece in a community art show, called “Prosperity is…” where you were to answer, what does prosperity mean to you?

I painted a peaceful scene of a Buddha quietly nestled amongst flowers. To me, an abundance of peace is important- peace in your heart and soul, keeping away from drama and those who cause it, and not giving attention to those who don’t wish you well. Letting go of people or things that just don’t jive. Find peace in your day. Just sit in your quiet spot and remember to stop and smell the flowers. Being prosperous isn’t all about money, all though some of that could come in really handy, like, yesterday, but also believing that all is well and all will work out as it should. Trusting in the work that you do, and setting good intentions. Let the rest fall away and just do good by you.


I tried a different substrate this time, a wooden panel “canvas”, that I had won as part of a prize over the summer in the plein air painting contest in Kilby, BC. It was kinda cool to work on! And I got my painting mojo back, finally, with some new ideas brewing up.

Next week is the reception and awards for the show, maybe I’ll win a prize? But I feel like I’ve already won by even just having/planning/making time to do what I love. And that’s what prosperity is to me.