I’ve been working away behind the scenes building up my art library with my awesome agent, Suzanne Cruise.

Things are starting to get out there and some of my art has been licensed for some fun things!

Here are the few things I can officially share about, first an illustrated calendar I did for Current Inc.

SO exciting and cool to see! I was given a ton of freedom for this one, which was awesome. It’s now available for sale on their site, I think they only ship to the USA at this time.

And next some funky rugs for Jellybean Rugs!

I believe they are only available wholesale, but you can click on the images to get to their site & check ’em out anyway.

I have some more fun things coming up, some garden flags, and a few other goodies, and one is realllly exciting but I can’t say a word about it!

More soon!

With much love & gratitude as always,