Design Basics Stack

I’m so excited to share my new collection with Robert Kaufman, called Design Basics!

It is inspired by a graphic designer’s tools of the trade: pencils, typography, and colour chip swatches.


It is available in 3 colourways, Sweet, loaded with pinks and yummy turquoises,

Earth Stack

Earth, with a lovely neutral palette, and

bright stack

Bright, in nice primary and bright hues.

They will be shipping to stores soon so be sure to ask your LQS to bring some in! So exciting! Also, I would love to hear from any Canadian fabric shops that carry it (or any of my designs for that matter), since shopping online for us north of the border can be pretty expensive these days, I’d love to share any links to Canadian sources. I get asked a LOT where to find them up here, so please do share a link if you have one! Yay!