Well hello there! How are things? I hope well.

I have been buried under a whole lotta lot of work work projects this past while, and as I get them done, more get added to my list. Basically my life is- get up too dang early. Check email. Work. Have breakfast. Work some more. Maybe get out for a walk if there’s time, then shower, then work. Lunch, then work. Dinner, pass out in front of tv around 8:30pm. Repeat every week day and you got ‘er. I am definitely not complaining though!  I appreciate every project that comes in. Keeps the boat afloat!

I haven’t mentioned the other stuff I need to do, Christmas illustrations for my licensing agent, Spoonflower contest design entries, more designs for my Society 6 shop, sewing & pattern designs to finish, publish, and post for sale, reading- my resolution to read more went out the window, that must change and I must read this book, must! But for now, it is what it is, it’ll get done, just… whenever it gets done. Ok.

So, as soon as Saturday comes along, and maybe sometimes Friday afternoon or a couple hours here and there during the week, I’m up too dang early again, and I paint! I have my first solo show, “House of Love”, at the local Mission Arts Council gallery coming up way too fast, in September. I won’t say how far behind I am in creating enough pieces for the show but it’s very very very, let’s leave it at that.

But this week I finished a new piece!

West Tenth, acrylic on canvas, 24″x36″ | Completed May 2017

Can you spot the symbol of love? Each piece has one somewhere.

This piece I experimented with the basecoat, and instead of my usual bright red, I did a cool purple. It definitely changes the flavour. And I have to say, purple is a beast to photograph and capture correctly. Argh. Anyway! I wanted to have that delicious feeling of being in the summer shade, where your skin feels cool to the touch but it’s stinkin’ hot in the bright sun, with brilliant flowers all around, peeking into somebody’s lovely old garden.

I’m also working on loosening up my style a bit more and simplifying things, to give a squishy, happy, uplifting feel. Leaving out some details and capturing the colours, light and moment.

This piece will be available for sale in September if you’re interested!

More soon, with much love and gratitude as always,