Just a quick note, mid-glittering Christmas cards… this much-requested print is now available in my shop!
–>Here’s a quick link directly to it in the shop! <–

I created it on a day where I looked at my to-do list, or rather “lists” (I have 5 pages under 5 separate categories- work, art, fabric, shop, social media/etc.’s) and was really feeling the overwhelms and wondering how the heck I was going to get everything done. I know it will all get done, eventually, it has to! So in celebration of slowing down, realizing everything has its time and place in the world to be finished,  I created this little ditty, and in hopes that you like it too!

There are only 5 available at the moment,  (may be a re-print before Christmas if these ones go quickly!) so nab ’em now and thank you in advance!

Happy Friday and weekend to you and yours!