A sneak peek at something new I’m working on, a little collection I’m calling “Crabby Dog”, after my being a Cancer the Crab x year of the dog.

This gal is here to let you know it’s ok to take your time.
Bloom when you’re good and ready.
Let it go when you feel it’s time, not when others tell you to.
Do that thing your own way, on your own schedule that feels good to you. (As long as it isn’t holding up anyone else- that’s a whole other story, yo’.)
Open your mind and heart when it’s filled to bursting with beauty and ideas you can’t keep inside anymore.

Often people will tell you to “move on”, “let it go”, “you should …. fill in the blank” and try to force you to do something you might not be ready to do just yet.
It’s always based on their own selves and has nothing to do with you.

Take your time, figure it out, and do whatever it is at your own pace.
There’s no timeline for healing, grieving, learning, growing, doing, examining, diving deep, getting to the core.
There’s no set program to do whatever it is you are doing.
Just slow down, figure it out in your own way, and keep moving forward for you.
No rush.
We’ve got you.

This art is now up in my Society6 shop: https://society6.com/cynthiaf/mugs?sort=new

and coming to the rest of my shops this week.
I’ll also be launching on a new print on demand site shortly, stay tuned!

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