Fear, I’m making you my bitch.
I will tell you what’s what from now on.
I will listen if you’re being honest, but otherwise, keep your trap shut and let me get on with things.

I can’t imagine going back to that fearful place.
I can’t imagine still living in that space, feeling alone and small.
Never being heard, believed, listened to, or seen.
Made to feel unimportant, excluded, not part of anything.
Lied about and thrown out.
Tossed aside for finally being brave and speaking up.
For not taking it anymore.
For taking small baby steps, then bigger stronger size 12 steps, then taking a stand.
I faced up to my fears and spoke up for me, my husband, and my life.
I had to leave what I knew behind, because others still live so steeped in fear they didn’t want to stand up for me, for the truth, turning their backs on one of their own.

I never really felt like I belonged there.
And I was right.

I made fear my bitch and while it was scary, she helped me face that shit once and for all.
And you know, it was the best damn thing I’ve ever done.


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