I recently started taking an online painting course, A Year of Painting with Alena Hennessy. I have followed her for ages, have one of her books, and just love her art. She’s had this course the past few years and I see it pop up to register and always wait too long to sign up, but this year, I finally did it and am so glad that I did! Even just one week in, I’ve learned a ton and have been experimenting with new-to-me media and things I haven’t used in years.

The first exercise is all about layering colours and different media- watercolour, acrylic, paint pen, you name it! Creating a piece around your intention for the New Year.

I watched the first lesson and was so stoked to get going, so I cranked up my fave playlist and got busy. Alena recommends creating practice pieces first, very smart, and she does 2 at a time, so I gave it go. I added some lettering by hand but wasn’t happy with it so Photoshop to the rescue! I added in new lettering, and some hearts for good measure, digitally, much better.

Then I got addicted to the process and started my “final” piece, not quite finished yet.

In the meantime, I was supposed to working on some client work this weekend but got sidetracked with some more ideas.

Society 6 just launched yoga mats, and I thought this art would make super cool yoga mats, so I went forth and made the artwork for that format- it took a lot of finessing in Photoshop, as I expected but I think it worked!

Check it out!

I’d so totally do yoga if I had this mat, lol.

And of course I added them both on all the usual goodies like mugs n’ stuff.

Find yoga mats, plus mugs, towels, throw blankets and more in my S6 Shop right here!

But wait! Several people suggested doing fabric, and I could’t resist. Figuring out the repeat was a bit of  a challenge but it worked, whew! I think it would amazing printed on the Celosia Velvet for pillows, or on sateen for a pretty spring dress, or on Linen Cotton Canvas for a tote, or……!

Find the fabric in my Spoonflower shop here!

Finally, this art will be going to my agent for potential licensing, uploading as we speak! Hopefully it finds a fun new home.

And I promise to tackle my client work next! 

I have a fun new project launching shortly, just working on some examples to share. Stay tuned and thanks so much as always for supporting me and my work!