You may have noticed that I’m making some changes around here! It’s been a long time coming but I *finally* feel like I’ve found my groove again. I’ve been working my iPad hard the last few weeks, making new art for my agent, for Spoonflower, self-promotion, fabric, cards, oh boy! My brain is working faster than my hands, and the charge on my Apple Pencil (seriously I think I need to get a second one for backup)!

My last design challenge entry at Spoonflower tanked hard, it placed somewhere in the high 300’s, the week before I nabbed the top spot. This week’s theme is “Rockabilly” and I just love the style and art of that scene so much so had to enter.

My entry, you can find it there in my Spoonflower shop!

Some new work I’ve just submitted to my agent, garden flag illustrations:

They are all done digitally (other than the initial pencil sketch on paper that I start with). If you’re a Procreate user, I used some fabulous new brushes from UpRoot Shop called Artist’s Essentials to paint the backgrounds on these two. Oh my gosh they are SO cool! They even blend live as you paint.  Now I want to paint all the things!
I also used an assortment of brushes from Bardot Brushes, particularly this Mid-Century Illustration set, #8 Inker is my go-to for outlining.

I’m hoping these two get adopted by somebody via my agent Suzanne, so they can go out in the wild somewhere somehow!  Fingers crossed!

I’ll be adding all of these to my other online shops like Society 6 asap as well!

So! For the changes around here…
My site is going to be geared towards my art, licensed art, sharing books or creativity tips, no more sewing or new patterns available, it’s just not the direction I’ll be going in anymore.
I’ll still be designing fabric, and things like mugs, tees, etc. for my other online shops, I can never give that up!
And of course I’m still offering my design and illustration services, still working on that part.

Onwards into 2019 with sparkles and loads of yummy colour!

I hope you’ll stick around and thank you for your support of me and my work!