The next piece for Holmberg House, with Abbotsford Hospice Society, called “Summer Sky at Mill Lake”. It is a big piece at 4′ x 8′, split over 2  4’x4′ canvases.

Summer Sky

When we were talking about themes for this piece, the project coordinator and hospice director wanted something calm and peaceful, and local. We put together a montage of images of Mill Lake in Abbotsford, with Mount Baker in the background, and I incorporated colours from the room’s decor (or rather swatches from the decor to be, at the time we visited, it was still at drywall phase.)


A peek through the foliage at the walkway that runs around the lake.


Closeup view of the dock and water reflections.


You can see some of the peeps of red I let show through, it adds an extra energy and depth.

SummerSky Full

This piece was definitely a challenge for it’s huge size, not only for figuring out scale, but the actual where to work on it, while keeping the canvases side-by-side. We rigged up a nice spot in our basement office and it worked just perfectly!

I’ve been experimenting with colours and achieving darks without using black, and lights without using white. (Other than pure white like the snow on the mountain top!) It’s so much fun mixing up colours and seeing how they play off of each other!

Up next we have two more pieces, we’re just finalizing themes, and two painted signs coming up as well! You’ll find me in the studio!