I’ve been working away on an art piece, one of four, for Abbotsford Hospice Society and a new adult residential hospice in Abbotsford, Holmberg House.

I had originally responded to an open call for artists to create a piece to be hung permanently in the building, and was lucky enough to be one of the chosen artists for the task. I created this piece, which now seems to have become the poster child for the art auction which is part of the cause, heehee!

feature kariton

O2 Art Exhibit poster

Each piece will be auctioned (they are taking in-person bids now til  March 16) March 17th, and the lucky bidder for each one becomes the sponsor of the piece, which is then hung permanently in the hospice, with their name on a plaque (along with mine) displayed with the piece. (If you’re curious to see mine in person, it’s at the Kariton Gallery but I’d encourage you to go to both galleries and see them all, it’s quite impressive!).

After that piece went off for framing, I was lucky enough to be contacted by the project coordinator for the hospice, who had checked out my site and really liked this piece in particular, and asked me to create four more pieces to be displayed in the building. How exciting, and such an honour!

I started with this piece, still “untitled” as I literally just finished it. It’s taken from a photo my brother and sister-in-law had given me to create a piece for them, but I changed it up a bit for this piece, and added a truly west coast arbutus tree. It is quite large, at 36″x48″, I think it will make a happy and colourful statement in the room, which is what the project coordinator wanted to do for the space it is to be placed in.

Finished piece one

It will be displayed in the patient and family kitchen area, which is a lovely kitchen and lounge room for patients and their family to cook and enjoy meals together, hang out, watch tv, and be a family.

This one heads off for framing on Monday, whew! Then on to the next piece, which is a scene of Mill Lake in Abbotsford, and is going to be a huge piece at 48″x 96″, split over two 48×48 square canvases. I’m starting the drawing this afternoon, then will be whirling the paintbrushes!

I’ve allotted about one week per piece, I met that deadline with this first piece, just, considering that my work work has been crazy busy, only giving me a couple of hours each day to paint, I did pretty well keeping to schedule!

I post progress pictures on Instagram as I go, so feel free to head over and check them out, you can find me here @cynthiafrenette ! I love sharing my process, and I learn a lot when I explain what I’m doing too. So much fun!

I’m so thrilled to be creating these very special pieces, it’s such an honour, and knowing that they might bring joy, peace, and maybe a smile or happy memory to someone, makes me feel very grateful to have been chosen to do them.

Now, to come up with a title for this one! Eeee!