The House on the Corner, 24″x36″ acrylic on canvas

The next piece for my September solo show, The House on the Corner. The theme of my show is “House of Love”- homes are usually filled with love of some sort, whether it’s visible from the outside or not. I want to show different types of homes and the love they reflect. All of the pieces I am creating for it will be for sale in September at the Mission Art Gallery. I’ll post more about the show as it gets closer.

We walk past this house pretty much every day when we take Charlie out for his walk. The owner keeps the yard and house up beautifully, and I snapped a photo in the summer as we walked by one morning.

Original photo

I knew I had to paint this house, as the owner puts so much love and care into it, it fit perfectly into my theme of “house of love”. I added a few copper hearts hanging from the front door, just for fun.

I’ve been trying to really push the colour, and use colour theory in unexpected ways.

People always ask me why I start with bright red as a basecoat. If you look at the edges of the fence in this shot, as well as around the railings on the house and in the sky around the trees, you can see some of it peeking through. I find that it adds a super zip of energy, that I just love.

I’m really loving Cobalt Blue in small hits for shadows, you can see it on the grass there, the bright blue- it just adds that extra zip and colour reflection in the shadows. A happy accident that I now incorporate on purpose.

I’ve also been adding in a few extra hits of subtle metallics, using interference gold, brushing it on where extra bright highlights are, just in very small doses. I know using metallic paints is generally pu-pu’d but not in my world. And as Bob Ross says, “This is your world, you create it”, so if there are shimmery gold highlights on the trees? You just stepped into my world. Heehee!

So that’s piece #2, although they’re being done in no particular order. I have a few ideas lined up for the next ones, just have to decide which one to start with. I’ll post more as it happens, and, if you’re interested in seeing more “in progress” shots, I post as I go on Instagram, you can find me here!

With much gratitude as always,