My new painting, Flower Frenzy, finished today! 36″x48″, acrylic and mixed media/collage, on canvas

I had a total blast with this one!


I’ve had this huge canvas sitting in my stash for a couple of years, at least. I’d originally modge-podged it with old newspaper pieces from some papers I scooped in a pile from my late gran’s house, and had this plan to do a very geometric painting on top in shifting colours, kind of like variegated yarn. I started it, had it base-coated in chocolate brown, and some parts painted in, and realized it was dumb idea and I hated it. Annoying. It happens.

So since that never happened, the canvas sat untouched for a looooong time, (other than by the resident spider gang that covered it with icky yucky cobwebs on the back- ugh ugh!).


Then I decided recently that I needed to do something with it.


I stuck it up on my easel and just went for it, figuring it had been sitting so long that if I wrecked it? Who cares!


Turns out though that I didn’t wreck it, and I kind of love how it came out!


I love painting big, and love painting flowers. SO much fun. No rules and no official plan, just go. I dribbled paint on it, squirted metallic inks, and spritzed it with water to make the base colours run. Omg so fun. I seriously need a studio where I can just leave the painty drippy mess on the floor, but for now Windex takes it right off, even when it’s dry. Really!


You can still see parts of newsprint and text peeking through in spots, and the paper texture underneath.


And finished!


Happy happy!