Good golly I was sick for just over 2 weeks with that nasty flu/cold/cough thing going around. It’s still hanging on but at least I don’t feel like death warmed over anymore and can actually get some work done again. Still getting caught up but almost there!

This week’s design challenge at Spoonflower is “Nautical”. I have a great love of the ocean but holy crap do I ever get seasick if I have to be on a boat for very long. No cruising for me! But I love the colours and motifs of nautical art so I came up with a wavy blend of anchors, swallows, and florals, with starfish, swirly currents, and waves for good measure.

You can find this design in my Sponflower shop right here!

Part of the challenge was to envision uses for your design in home decor and textiles. I think this design would make super fun throw pillows, placemats, incorporated into a quilt, or even as a shower curtain!

I used some new Gouache brushes from Uproot Shop, they are fantastic and paint just like real gouache. They’re my new favorites that’s for sure!

More soon, I have some fun stuff to share coming up!

With much love and gratitude as always!