This past Saturday night I participated in my very first art battle!

What’s an art battle, you ask? This one was at the Reach Gallery, in Abbotsford, as part of a fundraiser for kids and seniors art programs at the gallery. Artists are given a certain- short– time to create a piece of art, in this case, 20 minutes, that is then auctioned to raise money for the cause. It was a fun evening, with music, a piano player belting out 50’s hits, ukelele band, swing dancers, and 50’s inspired decor, like this awesome jukebox, plus pinball machines, and a photobooth!




But yes, just 20 minutes to make art! It’s rather nerve wracking (but not scary!) but it was really fun to really push myself to see what I could do, in the time given, with unfamiliar paints/brand I’d never used before, plus with the event guests watching over your shoulder, and all around you, when you’re working. I wasn’t super aware of the people around me, I was pretty much in the painting zone.


After, my finished piece!

The winner was voted by the event guests, who purchased glass marbles, also as fundraising for the cause, and placed them in a jar beside the piece(s) they liked the most.

I’m not sure if anyone was expecting it, but at final tally, I was the lucky one with the most marbles in my jar and I won! Woot! I will be getting my prize at some point soon, and, if my piece sold, the artist also gets a commission for the sale, both of which helps my own artistic cause and habit! Being a working artist, every little bit helps, right! So it was a win-win.

All in all a fun evening, and perhaps opening the door to maybe participating in another art battle in the future? I’d be game!

Have you ever participated in an art battle, or done something that really tested your creative skills? Would you do it again?