This chick just appeared to me as I was playing with drawing faces, so I went with her.

I think she echoes the collective sentiments with everything that’s going on in the world.

And perhaps in each of our own worlds.

I know I am done with a lot of things and I finally feel it.
Standing up for yourself, what’s right, and what’s true, is hard and frustrating work, but necessary in so many ways.

Anything or anyone who tries to take me down now gets this reaction and that’s it.
All I feel now is gratitude for finally seeing things and people as they are and getting myself out.
They all pinned their shit on me, as always, but to what end?
I finally chose to not play anymore, and I know they did not expect it.
I finally saw what and who the real issue is. It’s NOT ME. It never was. Not ever.
It’s a f*mily sickness.

I removed myself from their sick story once and for all.

And now?
Life’s never been better.