My entry in the They Draw and Cook Handpicked Challenge, theme of “Dream Picnic”.

On my dream board for this year, I wrote in big swirly lettering- New house and a proper studio.
It’s happening!

The time is right and we’ve sold up and are moving on.
The place we’re moving to feels perfect and right.
It’s far away. We can go and never have to come back.
It’s just a good thing all around.

Still can’t believe how fast it’s all come together, I think it’s Norm’s dad and my gran guiding us from up in the sparkly universe.

So my dream picnic will be at our new house, woot woot!

With cake, because I just turned 50 and there must always be cake, birthday or not, jellybeans- my creative brain fuel, deviled eggs with a sprinkly of curry or paprika because nommmm, a big fresh greens salad to balance that all out, topped with flowers from our new yard, and time for art. And a cosmo, because dammit they are delicious.

Also considering green hair, so there’s that, to match our new beautiful green surroundings, with bonus palm trees- yes in Canada! We’re not all snow and ice, y’know. 😄

Onwards and forwards to the next part of this beautiful life.