What a fun day we had at The Vancouver Mural Festival!

booth set up

We were right on the street at Main Street  and 10th Ave., right in the heart of Mount Pleasant, our old ‘hood.


It was a pretty warm day, but not scorching hot, and there were lots of people out and about right from the start.

taichi people

We had some lovely Tai Chi people right in front of us for a while, the gal in the red tee and black pants came and talked to us, inviting us to come try Tai Chi and saying she felt great for 82- how fun is that!

happy piano

There was a happy piano right in the middle of the street, the organizer invited us to put some of our things on it and snap an Instagram pic, so I did! So much fun. A few people came and played the piano throughout the day.

street view

All in all, a great day! I met lots of people, and did pretty well for sales, including selling two original pieces! So that was great. There was no clear winner again as far as a favorite/top seller, I sold some of each item I had. The art pouches were very popular and I sold about half of what I had made of those. Artwork-wise, flowers in mason jars seem to be the big “thing”. So you might see more of those around here soon!

It was interesting as far as being a “maker”, and the questions I got about the items I had made. Some people didn’t seem to realize my sewn items were all sewn by me, even when I told them, they are “all handmade by me!” and all my signage says “handmade”, I still got a few q’s- so did you sew these yourself? And when I explained that yes, they are all handmade, it was a bit of a like “whoa”.

There were also quite a few questions about the fabric itself and how did I get it and who printed it, and how did I do it?

pile of pouches to sew

If you’re interested in printing your own fabric, you can try Spoonflower, it’s great fun! It is more expensive than regular fabric, especially with exchange rate outside of the US, but, you can get something very different and unique and truly your own (or shop from other designers there, like me!, to find something different and fun.  This  whole process will be another blog post coming up soon too, stay tuned for that!

And same goes for art, a lot of q’s about it and did I paint it myself, yes I sure did. Lots of happy smiles and comments about the colours and style of my work.
My handmade books, even though I written on my signage that they are made one by one by hand, a few people thought I had bought pre-made books and simply covered them with fabric. So when I told them that they are made entirely by hand by me, using upcycled papers, it changed their viewpoint. It was interesting for sure!

This gave me an idea for some blog posts and showing more of my process from very start to very finish. I have a fun project coming up for a show I am participating in on the Sunshine Coast, so I’ll be starting that soon and will share exactly what I’m doing with it from start to finish, it’s going to be an interesting one!

But back to the mural festival, it was so fun to just hang out, people watch, talk to people about my art, and enjoy the day.

Back home, yesterday, in the tornado that went through my creative spaces in preparation for this market, I decided to tackle my painting studio. It was a total freaking mess. It’s also always bothered me in where my easel had to go, kind of stuck in the corner, so I dove in, armed with  a duster, Windex, vacuum, and recycle, donate, and garbage bags, and got busy.

studio tidy

I went through all of my supplies and organized, purged, tossed, and cleaned. I found this spiffy way to organize paints on Pinterest, so I scooped the idea, using cork boards hung up on the wall. Love that I can see at a glance what I have on hand and it keeps everything tidy in between working on new pieces (when it’s not tidy at all lol!). I have a bit more tidying and organizing to do in this room, then it’s on to the sewing room, which right now is a disaster. I’ll share more on that later, right now I just think I’ll close the door and go for a walk outside instead….!

Also, once this Canada Post strike thing is settled once and for all (apparently it might still happen?), I’ll start adding some new things to my shop, including original art, pouches, handmade books, and more!

More soon!