What a crazy year it’s been so far, hey!

We sold our home & bought a new one, in the middle of a freakin’ pandemic, crazy? But perfect timing for us in SO many ways. It’s like the universe- thanks Norm’s dad & my late gran– for giving us a big shove along in the very right direction!

We’re almost ready to move, art supplies packed, office getting packed up today/tomorrow, the rest we’ve been tackling every day this past month & are pretty close to ready to go go go time!

It’s a big move so we hired movers, thank goodness, and after they come and go, we have a couple little things to wrap up that day then we are off to our new home!

Once we’re moved, I will have my dream studio with everything all together in one big space. So that means more art! We’re not even there yet but I am already very inspired and ready to start creating.

4 more sleeps then onwards to our amazing new adventure!



In the meantime I’ve been busy getting my Spoonflower shop up to date with many requests for mask-sized sweary prints, so I plan to add a few more before my computer is boxed up safely for the move.

This week’s design challenge is the very contested Tea Towel Calendar contest, so this is my entry, “Her wishes for 2021”, because we need change in so many ways. And even moreso in the US.

It’s now available for sale in my shop here!


Can’t believe that next week we’ll be in our new home….. ahhhh!

We’re protecting it fiercely so only those we trust will have our new information.

Catch you on the flippity-flip!