I’ll just start off by saying I am in no way paid for this, I’ve just found some pretty awesome tools that work really well for me and my work and want to share the love, and support the peeps who work so hard to make them!

I know I go on about how awesome Procreate is, and really, it is. It’s changed how I work by a million times over. If I could get away with only using it and not all the other (stupidly expensive bloated  subscription) design programmes, I would in a heartbeat. Anyway. As I was first learning Procreate, and there are still a bazillion more things to learn about it, I came across some fantastic brushes, on Instagram, by Uproot Brushes.

I got some to try and seriously they are pretty much all I use, and now, everything she makes, I happily plunk my cash down for.  Her recent pack called Surface Designers Pack is just the ticket I needed to create full design repeats, all in Procreate. Like come on, can it get more awesome?

So I’ve been playing with it (obsessively) since yesterday & man! Game changer.

Before the process was more complicated, creating motifs in Procreate, then breaking them apart into separate elements/files in Photoshop, then taking them into Illustrator to make repeat designs, blah. Now it can all be done in one place. (Yes there will be some instances of more complicated designs going back to the old way but dammit I will figure out how to avoid that!)

My entry in the upcoming design challenge on Spoonflower, Winter Flora theme. Now available in my Spoonflower shop!


Anyway! I just had to share! If you’re into Procreate, I can sooo recommend giving any of Uproot’s brushes a go, they are really made for artists. Again, not paid for this, I just love her and everything she does.

With much love and gratitude as always,