3 more sweary holiday designs added to my shop recently!

It’s beginning to look a lot like f*ck this

I’ve kind of realized that I am not a Christmas person anymore, I relate more to the idea of Solstice and celebrating the changing of the seasons.

That said, Christmas is a BIG licensed art theme, you seriously have to work on it year ’round pretty much since manufacturers buy art year round.

I do the traditional themes of happy snowmen and reindeer, smiley santas and holly berries, but I kinda like a bit more subversiveness, hence A Very Swe*ry Chr*stmas design collection came to be.

I f*cking love Christmas

Tee hee!

You can find them all in my Society 6 shop on the usual goodies, and on fabric in my Spoonflower shop.

Happy happy and merry merry!

With love and gratitude as always,