Wishing you and yours a very merry Solstice and a happy holiday season! No matter what you celebrate, or don’t, I wish you peace, joy, love, quiet, and happiness for now and the year ahead. I chose my word, or rather words for 2019, “Beautiful” and “Epic”. We’ve had a fantastic year this past year, thankfully. We’ve had more than our share of total sh*tshow years lol, that’s enough of those. Onward to beautiful and exciting days, epic good, and awesomeness all around. I totally feel at peace and ready to jump ahead, and excited with possibilities to come!

I’ve started really feeling the celebration of the seasons, and how they change. Slowing down and celebrating each day, feeling gratitude and watching as the winter sky changes colours, the trees shiver in the winds, and even the rain (yep I don’t mind rain at all!). Today is winter solstice, and it’s been a gorgeous, kinda sunny, cold day. Perfection in my witchy heart.

So! Over the next while I’ll be making some changes to this site, again, I know, haha, and refocussing on my art, design, and all the good stuff that goes with.

I recently started on a project that I have had brewing in my head for years, creating Soul Portraits. Here’s one I did of me:

I’m doing some testing right now, and will start to offer these as a special commission in the early New Year. So if you’d like one done of you, or  a special friend or person in your life, I’ll have more information coming up very soon, along with some more examples to share!

This week I’m wrapping up some client projects then taking some time off for a bit of a break, and to work on a few things behind the scenes.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a fabulous New Year!

With much love and gratitude as always,