Oh my gosh, these past few days have been an exciting whirlwind of stuff happening!

This past weekend I attended a Silkscreen Workshop at Maiwa in Vancouver. It was amazing as I knew it would be. I’ll tell you more about it soon and once my brain settles down, if it ever does?

Anyway, I’m getting ready for my workshop and it’s a bit of a haul to get there so I’m up extra early and I get this email from Suzanne Cruise who is an artist’s agent and rep, and would I be interested in talking to her about representing me? Sign me up!!

This was all happening just this past weekend, and now I am proud to say she is my amazing new agent and representative for all things licensed! How exciting and I’m so thrilled! (I’ve already told her that like a million times already lol)!


This afternoon I collected a bunch of art files for her and she’ll be working her magic. So watch out world, I’m coming with my colours, paints, and sparkles and loads of love!

I’ll share more about it as things develop, seriously, a dream come true! Serendipity or what? Eeee!!

With much love and gratitude, and a dash of glitter too!