Making Merry Red

I’m so thrilled to be Making Merry with Janome!

I adore my Janome MemoryCraft 8200, it’s got lots of get up and go, and can handle the extra demands I put on it to perform (did I just sew through 3 layers of painted canvas, yes I did!).

My Making Merry Project is made for small spaces and tables, where you might need some extra holiday flair without having to move your entire house around! I designed it to be a quick and fairly simple project, so you can stitch one up for a last minute present or hostess gift.


Measuring in at 12″ x 10.5″, this little hexi shaped mat has a modern look and you can mix it up with any colours you want to put your own spin on it. And, here’s a quick free tute on how to make your own, pattern pieces following at the end of this post:

You’ll need:

Heat n’ Bond fusible Web – I use lightweight but you can use any you have on hand

Background, front: 12″ x 15″
Backing fabric: 12″ x 15″
Trees: Assorted scraps/charms, six 5″x 5″ pieces
Tree Trunks: Brown print: one piece, 2″ x 5″
Coloured ornaments: Small scraps in assorted colours, solids or small prints
Snowflakes: White/tone on tone white: one piece, 5″x 5″

Binding: I used one strip of my custom designed binding printed on satin which is extra wide and adds a nice shine to your project, that you can find in my Spoonflower shop here. Otherwise you’ll need 2 strips cut at your preferred binding width x width of fabric.

Batting: 12″ x 15″



Print out both sheets of the pattern pdf at 100% (do not scale): page one has the hexi background pattern piece, and page two has the trees, ornaments/snowflakes templates and the layout guide for the design.

Using the background front fabric, fold it in half right sides together and place the hexi template on the fold as marked on the pattern piece. Cut one, and set aside.

Trace the tree top “triangles”, trunks, ornaments and snowflakes, quantities as noted on the pattern sheet, onto the paper side of the fusible web.
Roughly cut out each shape, and fuse to the back/wrong side of the corresponding pieces of fabrics following manufacturer’s instructions, then cut out along the lines to make the final shapes, and remove the backing papers.

Using the layout diagram on page two of the pattern pdf for reference, lay out the trees onto the front background fabric, tucking the tree trunks underneath the tree “triangles” slightly, then fuse in place following manufacturer’s instructions.

trees laid out

Next, lay out the ornaments and snowflakes, using the layout diagram as a guide, (but mix them up as you wish and have fun with them!) then fuse in place following manufacturer’s instructions.



The mat top is now complete!
Next, make a quilt sandwich with the mat top, batting, and backing, and quilt as you desire. I quilted mine using a diamond pattern, starting by stitching diagonally across  from one corner to the opposite corner using my walking foot. Then I used the walking foot’s width as a guide to space the lines of stitching evenly, and completed stitching in one direction across the entire mat edge to edge.


(Nevermind the linty foot, I was knee-deep in quilty goodness!)

Next I rotated the mat and started at the opposite corner from the one I started with, and stitched corner to corner diagonally again, across the first stitching and completed the rest of the stitching in the same way, to cover the entire mat, getting a cool diamond grid pattern.



Trim the mat along the outer edges of the top, trimming away the excess batting and backing fabric.


Attach the binding using your preferred method, and you’re done!

hexi mat

Enjoy and happy holidays! Big thanks to Janome for having me as part of the Making Merry team!
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And as always, if you stitch one up, I’d love to see!  Feel free to show and tag me on Instagram:
You can find me here:@cynthiafrenette

And here’s the pattern, click thru to download, PDF format, 1MB