I needed some new business cards. I’ve changed my website, email, and general company name, and had no cards on hand! I was thinking of having some printed up with my favorite printer but then thought, I’m an artist, and sewist, as well as a graphic designer, why not make them myself and combine everything that I love to do!

I tested my idea first, so grabbed my shiny, pearly Twinkling H2O’s and painted up a sheet of heavy mixed media art cardstock.

paintOnce it was dry, I cut it into standard business card size pieces, I got 9 from one sheet.

Next I designed a “label” with all my info on it that is a bit smaller than the finished card size, and printed it out on a sheet and cut them down to size.

To attach the two pieces together, I sewed them!


The Janome handled this with no problem, sewing through two layers of different weight cardstocks. I am so thrilled with this machine and how it just does whatever I ask it to, with no issues and no whining! ;D I used a lovely lightweight Aurifil thread in bright red to make the stitching really obvious, and left short thread tails just because.

cards pile

And now I have a pile of finished cards ready to go!
Cost? Nothing other than my time since I had everything on hand already. And I get to hand out something very original that nobody else will have! Now, what else can I make?!