Two Sid Dickens tiles in my favorite saying (wink!) that I was lucky enough to score at a thrift store!

I’ve been busily working away behind the scenes on a few different projects, that have to be kept secret, for now. (And I hate when I read blogs like this but hey, it’s my world ’round here these days!)

A couple of quilts, some paintings, fabric design collections, an improv quilting class info/presentation for a class I’m teaching this coming weekend, and some pattern designs. That’s the thing with working in this fabric-y and creative industry, a lot of projects have associated secret release dates, deadlines, and publication dates to keep to, so while I’m busy offline doing tons of stuff, it appears online that I’ve gone silent. I’m going to try to remedy that!

I picked up this book, Find Your Happy Daily Mantras, by Shannon Kaiser, (you can even check out a free preview on her site here!)


partly for research for our Happy Friday Project – btw head over and answer our Tuesday Q on our Facebook page here!– and partly for my own inspo, and started a kind of art journal, following the prompts for each day. I’m posting them on Instagram here, but here’s Day 1:

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.29.15 AM

and 2:

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.30.46 AM

I’m not an art journaller, yet, I’ve tried but I just can’t keep at it. This happy prompts book though I thought might get me to try it again! I’m just going for it with a black pen, no pencil drawing or sketch underneath first, just draw and see what happens. I’m trying to make time for it each day in the afternoon once my client work is done, or mostly done, for the day.

My fabulously creative aunt sent me this quote the other day and I love it:


I just purchased a cool font bundle this morning- if you’re a font geek like me, check out this awesome deal on DesignCuts – and had to play with one of the fonts that is included in the collection- fun right!

And that is my day so far.

How is your day going, and what fun or creative things are you working on today?