A new challenge hosted by Hom Sweet Hom, to take an older lettered piece and redo it now.

Here’s the original, that I created just over a year ago or so.

Totally nothing “wrong’ with it, I actually still like it a lot, but it could be better, knowing what I know now, and of course, because, Procreate!

I created this piece originally in honour of Anti-bullying Day, which is coming up next month.

I’ve told my story before about bullying. And now looking back I can see where it stems from and the roots are deep and far reaching.  What I went through made me strong and who I am now this very minute, and gave me enormous compassion and understanding for people going through similar things. Basically it sucks hard. But you can’t live there. And that to me is where strength comes in.


What I’ve learned now is that all of it is 100% on the bully. It’s all them and their inner issues. It’s nothing you ever did or didn’t do, said or didn’t say. It’s not who you are, it’s not you. It’s them. All of it. And that to me is empowering and I draw strength in knowing it was never about me, no matter what they try to tell others. They won’t change or see it unless they wake up to their own inner “stuff” and do the work on themselves to heal it. And that again, is up to them.

And so, onwards we go, as best we can, in peace, love, understanding, and acceptance of ourselves and others.  Keeping our hearts strong and protecting ourselves.

And, here is my updated piece, created last night!

I’ve added it to my Society 6 shop, on mugs and few items, you can find it here!  

Keep your heart strong and your passions burning bright! You are worth it and you are amazing.

More soon! With much love,