I’m learning to say No a lot more now. Choosing me over what I think other people want me to be or do for them. Saying no to what doesn’t work for me anymore, even if it’s weird, or hard, or not a popular or easy choice.
This healing journey I’m on, walking away from my former role as the f*mily trashcan and scapegoat, is a wild ride. Saying no is liberating, empowering, validating, and weirdly exciting.
I stood up and said No more to all of it. Best thing I ever did.
And after that big No, I started saying no to others who treated me in similar ways. I fired an abusive client, I let go of “friends” who were using me. I said no to clients and projects that just didn’t align, even if I needed the money.
Once you get that No ball rolling, it gets easier and kinda fun! No to you, and no to you, and how about No! No! No!
You might be tested as you go, somebody will try to sway you or get to you, just keep that No ready to say again and again and again until they get it. No. Thank.You.
(See? Fun right?)
If there’s something you need to say no to, to protect yourself, to save your sanity, to stay away from toxic people or their behaviours- do it.
How about no?
I’ll be right here cheering you on. It gets easier the more you say it.
No! No! N-O! No!
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