You might not know  this about me, but I am a graphic designer by trade. I’m a lifer, in the industry for 26 years now, whoa! I’ve worked with all kinds of fun and cool clients designing logos, packaging, tshirts, and all kinds of print and online pieces. Shameless plug- hire us! We’re taking on new projects and clients right now! You can check out our website here- going to be going thru a major overhaul shortly but for now:

One of my favorite projects to design is packaging, particularly foodie-style packages. If you’ve ever worked in package design tho’, you know that there are a lot of legal considerations and requirements around what can actually go on a package (there are some pretty strict rules) as well as language requirements depending on what country it’s for. Sometimes you can design a really fun and funky label or box, then it can get really watered down when it goes through regulatory checks, particularly for food packaging.

I’ve had this idea brewing (did you see what I just did there?) for a while, and, since it’s a pretend company and pretend product straight from the inner workings of my brain, I designed and illustrated a dream label for “Witching Hour Blend” coffee. I’ve been experimenting with my illustration style and playing with a few ideas, starting with this one:

Who would produce such a coffee? Only an imaginary coffee company called Dark Moon Coffee Cocktails, (as far as I know it’s fictitious and if not, no harm intended! But hey, if there is such a company, you know who can design fun labels for ya!) who also needed a logo to go with their packaging. Handlettered and designed by me.

I’ve set this design up on Society 6 for a few items, so if you like it, you can nab it here!

Sometimes you just have to do projects just for you, to get all those creative juices flowing again. I have  a couple more “flavours” I might add to the collection, stay tuned for more as they happen!

ps. Trader Joe’s, call me! wink!