I created this lettered quote recently as part of an Instagram lettering challenge, as it really resonated with me, and a lot of other people too.

You don't have to do everything

As a creative person running my own business I sometimes– ok, all the times- feel like I have to be doing everything. Yes I can do that, yes, yes, yes. Add to that the usual life yeses, and all the other yeses you gotta deal with , and it piles up quickly. But it seriously gets old really fast when you’re burned out and feel like although you’re doing everything, you’re really feeling like you’re achieving nothing on your to-do list. So that’s gotta stop. What was that 90’s phrase, “Stop the Insanity!”

It’s is truly ok to not do everything. It’s ok to say no thank you, or just no, or f*ck no if that’s your jam. It’s ok to pass, not do it, walk away, or decline with as much grace as you want.

It’s ok. It really is.

You don't have to do everything

And now, if this sits with you as it did me, and you want a happy reminder every day, you can find it on the usual goodies in my Society 6 shop, Red Bubble Shop, and on tea towels/fat quarters at Spoonflower! 

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Thank you so much as always for supporting me and my work!