Weelll it’s been a while hasn’t it? How the heck are ya? How’s your 2018 going so far?

Mine was  a bit bumpy getting going, and I took some big huge steps behind the scenes and finally did something I’ve had on my goals to-do list literally for years. I had rewritten it every year since 2014 – or at least since I’ve been keeping written lists of goals, it could have been longer than that, lol- and never had the guts to actually do it. But once I did, whoaaa! Why didn’t I do it sooner? (Go me, it was a bit scary but I did it, go, mee-ee, go mee-eee! happy dance!) and now I have filled that spot with a bunch of happy, positive, moving forward stuff and I am super excited about how things are going now, the first weeks into January. I’m trusting that the universe is working on the how’s, I’m just doing the work I need to do to keep things moving.

And now, I have a bit more time to get caught up on all the things. I have lists, lists, and more lists, and piles of paper with notes, and email reminders, and stuff scribbled in my day planner. I could keep myself busy for years. Years!

I know I’m being rather vague and I hate that. But I’m keeping  a few things close to my heart as details are figured out and confirmed, then I’ll share as they happen.

I’ve REALLY been loving, like LOVING, my new iPad and learning some new stuff. Honestly I never thought I needed one. Psshht whatevs. But something was bugging me to get one, so I did. And I am so glad I did. This thing is so much fun, omg! I’ve always been a lettering and typeface junkie, and now I can go to town creating handlettered graphics and goodies for my clients and  for licensing art (you should see how long that list is whoa!). I feel like my next creativity levels just got unlocked and I can’t get enough!

Back in tha’ day, I did tons of handlettering, of course all old school in pen & ink on paper, and I loved it. I drew chalkboard art & menu boards for some local restaurants, logos, ads, you name it, all done by hand. And I miss that. I don’t miss the painstaking hours on it though, and having a command-Z function can’t be beat. But I love the free flowingness and irregularities of handlettering that you just can’t get any other way. Procreate comes really amazingly close though I have to say. I keep marvelling at it actually, lol It’s a very good thing. Oh the possibilities, muahahahaha.

So to learn more about the programme and how it works,  and to brush up my skills, I’ve been playing along with a lettering challenge on Instagram, from Holly Pixels.

She posted a list of prompts (fun quotes & sayings) and I jumped in a bit late, but got started playing.


SO MUCH FUN! I’ve been doing these at night in front of the tv, working a day ahead so I can post a new one each morning.

If you want to see more, you can find me on Instagram here or search the hashtag for the challenge, #letterpixels to see what all the participants are doing, it’s super inspiring!

I’m really excited to be learning a new platform, I know I’ve only gotten scraped the surface so far and there’s loads more to learn, but I can’t wait. I watch tutorials- thank goodness for YouTube!- and learn step by step.  And that’s where my love for the art of design comes in, to keep growing and learning new things. Once you sit still for too long and stop learning, that’s when things take a turn south and you get stuck in an endless loop of stuff you don’t wanna be doing just because you feel you “have” to. That’s where I was before I did what I needed to do at the beginning of this year. Stuck. Angry. Resentful. Not proud or excited whatsoever of a lot of my day-to-day work that sucked up a ton of time for little reward or thanks. So I took a big huge leap of faith, did what I needed to do, and the net appeared, just as they say it does.

And now I have new energy and new excitement for my work and the amazing peeps who trust me to create for them! And that’s where my heart is and will always be. And I learned a ton about myself and facing fears, fear is imaginary, so when you look at it that way…. wink!

Much more to share coming up, talk soon!