Hooo boy, it’s been almost a month since I last posted, what the what?

Lots of new stuff going on behind the scenes. First of all, I revamped things around here. I’m still working on cleaning things up and reorganizing but I’m getting there.

Working on:
Christmas illustrations, like this one, for my awesome agent and getting back on track and on schedule.

I’ve been working on my style and adding more depth and detail. It’s not an easy task, especially when I’m trying to quickly build and fill out my art library with my agent,  but I’m getting there and up for the challenge!

A fabric design which is actually a redo, at my agent’s request, of an old design I did for a Spoonflower design challenge:

Flying piggies! Hehe!

Speaking of Spoonflower, some new designs are now for sale in my library including this one, Mahalo from the Mid-Century,

I also bought myself a new Wacom tablet which has made a hayuuuuge difference. I think my old one was pretty much dead but I didn’t realize how bad it was til I got a new one that actually works and has proper pressure sensitivity- woot woot! (It’s the little things that make me happy!)

I did this fun little recipe illo over the weekend for They Draw and Cook.

Just playing with limited colour palettes, textures, brushes, and hand-lettering (well, digital hand-lettering drawn by me and not a font). It’s fun to just play!

And I didn’t get to tell you that my lil’ Parisian girlie illo will be in the next issue of Uppercase magazine! Huzzah!

I have some paintings to share coming up shortly, with my show only a couple of months away, gotta get those brushes really flying!

With much love and gratitude as always,