If you’re offended by swears, scroll past please! If not, read on…. No offense intended nor implied, I’m not that kind of gal.

By now you probably know that I love lettering. And words, And lettering words of the cuss variety. I kind of stumbled into a weird and hilarious niche after a bad experience with a client left me first feeling grateful that they were located far enough away that I would never have to see or experience them in person. Then wondering what I would actually say to them if I had the balls to say it. Then thinking well, I probably would never have the gusto to say it but what if it was on a mug on my desk and they saw a pretty mug sitting there and then heyyyyy…. and that’s how my (very much ripped off and copied)  Pretty Swe*ry collection came to be.

I’m always adding new designs to the collection as I think of them, or get requests for extra salty phrases (yes I take requests but reserve the right to veto and there are certain words/phrases/combinations I will not do and hateful, racist, or just plain mean will never be ok).

Anyway, I’ve been playing with lettering and going back to my roots of handlettering- yep I started in the biz before computers were the main tool of choice, and everything was done totally by hand. And while I love my iPad and the ease and speed of doing things digitally, there’s something you lose out on if you work purely digitally, and I’ve been missing the slower pace of working by hand, the feel, and smell, of paper, tracing paper, pens, pencils, and just the action of drawing itself which I don’t seem to do as much lately.

I started by working on our new logo for our design biz, which I have been beating to death by reworking and redoing over and over for months and months and not liking anything I did. Which was delaying our new website which is currently non-existent and that isn’t good for business.

I decided to get serious and just do it. Go back to my roots. My second job out of design college (first one was a nasty experience of paste-up for a now defunct electronics big box store working with some very arrogant know it alls- got outta there as fast as I could) was working at a handpainted tshirt shop. I was the graphic designer and did a bazillion tshirt designs, all created by hand. Setting actual type involved taking a Letraset catalogue, photocopying the typeface I wanted, cutting out letters, and assembling and gluing them down on paper. But most of the lettering I did was funky, surfy handlettering, and drawing of course. I wish I still had my portfolio from then so I could show you some examples!From there I was pretty much embedded into the tshirt world and worked with many screenprinters and design shops in Vancouver on tshirt designs. Shoot I even did a project in college on the history of the printed tshirt. I must have known something subconsciously back then…

So anyway, after a few rounds of trial and error, playing with styles and shapes, I came up with our new biz logo, and I love it.


And I loved the process, and drawing, and creating it. I did add some digital grungey bits to make it really me, and did the colour digitally, but the rest is all by hand. (I’ll be sharing the process on our new site/blog once it’s up, soon!)

So then I started thinking that I needed to start a new style for my swear art. My Pretty Swe*ry does really well and I love it and the juxtaposition of pretty flowers and swears. It’s not going to go away. But I wanted to try some new stuff so started researching and experimenting and ba-da-boom!

Kind of  a modern twist on those tshirt decals from the 70’s. Remember – if you’re in a certain age bracket- going to the tshirt shop and you picked out a decal from the wall, and the hippie dude behind the counter would heat press it onto your chosen t-shirt? And they had thick glitter borders and unicorns and silly phrases like “Keep on Truckin”, “Hot Dog!”, or “Touch of Class”? Yep.

This one again, the overall theme inspired by an unpleasant interaction with an abrasive person. I really wanted to say- Just be fucking nice, you’ll get farther! Hey wait, that would make a cool mug design! Ha!

So that’s where I’m going with these, and just loving it. Kind of a mashup of hand and digital, but always starting with a totally hand-drawn piece first.

And, to top things off, there’s a fab sale on at Society 6 today/tomorrow for 30% off everything! So hey, if you’re starting holiday shopping, and dig it, check it out! You can find it in my shop, along with a load of other sweary goodies, right here.

(And a reminder, my shop contains a lot of cuss words, just fyi, use your discretion if needed!)

As always, I’m so grateful for your support of me and my work!  I will have some non-sweary things coming up shortly too, and, some handmade stuff for sale. Stay tuned!