Well that was interesting!

I just finished this book, Real Artist’s Don’t Starve by Jeff Goins, and whoa. It threw my brain, and original plans for this website, into a big spin. Loads of words of wisdom and things to learn and explore, but one big one is that it’s a good thing to own and share that you’re diverse in what you do. (Opposite of advice I’ve been given before!)  Building a portfolio of work in a variety of media and genres is a positive and it builds on itself in a good way. Which I knew and was doing, but I was feeling pressure to focus on just one, or two, things instead of ten.

Trying to focus on doing just one thing can kind of backfire and get you stuck in a corner, and I felt torn. I really was stretched too thin, with way too many obligations, but, feeling like letting go of important parts of what I do wasn’t the exact right thing either.

But then, being too diverse I was feeling like people don’t really know what I do. Yes I paint but I also design logos. Yes I do illustration but I also design fabric, book covers, tshirts, and a bunch of other stuff too! And I do sew, but not just quilts, I make funky painted bags, and pouches, and design my own fabric! And I love doing it all.

So! New plan in the works.
I’m not going to delete sewing/quilting/designing patterns altogether from what I do, but it’s not going to be a full-time or a professional focus. It’ll be a branch.

Same with painting, illustration, and lettering, and designing, and potentially writing (I have a little something brewing that I really feel I need to do).

I’m working on updating my online shops, and will have some handmade things for sale here soon too. It’s time to go big.

This site will still be still revamped, but to be extra inclusive of everything I do and see where it goes from there.

Instagram and Facebook will still be where I’ll post updates as well on this blog.

So all that said, I’ve been really busy working on a lot of different things lately, and I’m going to start sharing a lot more about alllllll of it.

Stay tuned for a redesign and some new posts n’ stuff coming up soooon!!

With much love and gratitude as always,