Here we go!

I’ve pushed the start date of my 100-ish (using my -ish card already lol) Days, 100 Arts to officially start on Monday March 5! I overbooked myself this week so wanted to give myself the weekend to get everything ready and off to a good start.

Here’s how it will work:

I was inspired by another artist who did something similar several years ago, and wanted to give it a go to challenge myself! 

Starting on Monday March 5, 2018, I’ll be creating/posting one new piece of art every day for the next 100-ish days (adding an ish because life happens lol).
Each piece will be available for sale, going up by $1 each piece/each day, so, Day 1’s piece will be $1, Day 2’s piece will be $2, and so on ’til we hit 100 days where Day 100’s piece will be $100! So there will be excellent deals on original art to be had!
My plan is to post each piece for sale here on my website, with an info/heads up post on Instagram, and an email to my subscriber list as well.
There will be only one new piece available per day.
(Any unsold pieces will be available until they sell!)

Each day’s post will go live at 9:00am PST.
Each piece will be an original (no prints or repros).
I may vary my media, so there may be sewn/painted items, drawings, mixed media, I’m just going to go with what my heart feels happy about that day. Hope y’all will love it too! wink!
I will have payment by PayPal (or credit card by Paypal). No e-transfers or any other payment methods, just to keep it easier on my end. (Please ensure you have your correct mailing address in Paypal, or note it if/when you purchase, so I know where to send things to!).
Mail-outs will be done once a week, so pieces that sell during week 1 will go out the following Monday (of week 2).
I hope it sounds like fun and hope you’ll stop by to check it out and nab an original or two!
If you have any questions please do leave me a comment and I can get back to you!
Stay tuned and watch this space on Monday morning!
(what have I gotten myself into, lol!)
With much love and gratitude,