Happy You in 22- Now I can just be me

quote- now I can just be me

The last day of the Happy You in 22 Challenge with massive thanks to fab hosts Lori Sebert Studios, Snippets of Whimsy, and Tracy Verdugo!
SO much fun! I think I only missed 2 prompts this round, phew!

Last theme is Impassioned & engaging.

I’ve been thinking lots about being no contact with the f*mily of origin mostly because the 6 year anniversary, or Freedom Day as I call it, is coming up next week.
(Bottle of bubbly chilling as we speak).

The day they called me a bitch, full of shit, & my husband a “creep”, & why?
Because I exposed some really dirty shit they pulled & they *hated* that I uncovered their bad behaviour.
Instead of apologizing or owning up to it, they disinherited me.
Their loss.

I could go on about their cruel deeds but I don’t want to give them any further energy or thought.
At 6 years out I finally feel like I am done. I am happier than I ever have been ever before.
I understand myself & why I do things the way I do.
I’m working on changing the leftover stuff I need to change for *me*.
Whatever they say about me now is not my problem, & anyone who still believes them without asking me, is not my friend.

I can finally just be me. Without worrying about being judged, made fun of, embarrassed, or targeted, for just being myself.
And to celebrate I ordered myself a new pair of Doc boots (Church Vintage Monkey boots, sooo funky!) because I sadly gave away (I knnnnoooow) my last pair when a f*mily member told me they were “ugly” & “made me look like a man”.
Not that being a man is bad, but I’m not one so it was meant to hurt. And it did.
Yep. And they wonder why I left.
Tip of the iceberg, man.

So here’s to being you! And me, & us, & we & they & them!
You’re amazing, brilliant, beautiful & if nobody has ever told you that, trust me. You are. Keep on being you. The rest can fuck all the way off, imho.
#happyyouin22 #imjustbeingme



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