Happy new year! I hope you had a lovely holiday season. I am really glad it’s a spiffy new year, ready for the taking!
This past year was a bit rough around the edges, and I’ll be honest, not super fun at times. We struggled to keep regular design and client work and money coming in, some weird people/friends things happened, and other weird general things transpired which required speaking up and more than once. Some of it I’m still not sure why it happened, but 2015 was a bit of a shake it up and flip it all upside down kind of year for me. I’d been coasting a bit too much and the universe was all like “Uh uh, no you don’t! Wake up sister and get your big girl pants on, you’re in for a ride!”


There were definitely more good things than bad though, and that’s what I’m focussing on. Leave the crap back in 2015, buh bye, see ya later, don’t let the door hitcha on the way out! It’s taken some time to figure out, but I’ve learned a lot and changed a lot of stuff this year, and am coming out the other side fresh and ready to go!

Things like:
– I have more fabric collections coming out with Robert Kaufman Fabrics later this year! Such a thrill!
– Lots of art happening, winning prizes at my very first plein air painting events, and being selected to create a special piece for a local hospice.
– Lots of sewing, pattern designing, and being sponsored by Janome Canada and getting to work with one of their awesome machines!
– Being asked to participate as a Canadian Modern Quilter and create a modern quilt (well 2 actually!) for Northcott Fabrics’ booth at QuiltCon next month, sew much fun!
– Some fun and exciting design work projects for my favorite clients, and some that returned with new businesses ready to have me put a special design spin on them!
– Visiting with good friends and keeping in touch with lifelong ones, including a fun wine tasting night!
– Getting my exercise routine back on track, mostly, with regular spin and yoga classes, and, changing my diet completely and losing 35lbs and 3 sizes (so far!) wootwoot!
– Stepping back from my MQG that I co-founded, and just being a regular old member after 5 years of being on exec. Although I sometimes miss being more involved (no maybe I don’t lol), it sure freed up a bunch of time and brainspace!

So, moving into 2016- every year I choose a word to start things off. Sometimes it comes to me right away and sometimes it takes a bit of reflecting back on the past year. My word this year took a bit but it came to me in an aha! moment and it’s the one: Magic.


I picked up a cool book by Alena Hennessy and it has projects for each month of the year.  January’s is to create a mixed media art piece based around your word or intention for the year. I am so not an intuitive painter, which is why I got the book, to learn more about that way of working,  so my piece started off really ugly (no photos!) but it turned out exactly how it should have and I love it.

magic full

It says what I want it to say. Put it out there in the world and magic happens. I have a huge loooong list of new projects and stuff to do with my art, just going for it, what’s the worst that can happen?


This year I am going to apply magic to everything I do, with positivity, love, and no fear. I’m working on transforming my outsides to match my insides (also let that slide a bit too much, the downside of working at home with yoga pants and slippers for workwear lol!). I’ve been paying attention to stuff happening around me, who’s coming, who’s leaving, asking and answering more questions, being accountable, prompt, never late, being authentic, grateful, and true to what I really want, and changing my thinking around pretty much everything. And you know what, it feels awesome. The magic is starting to sprinkle in, kind of like a dusting of glitter!

And to jumpstart the work side of things, we are gratefully and happily taking on new clients and design projects! You can check out our portfolio in the links up there at the top under “Design”, read our happy testimonials, and send us a note if we can help you with your next project(s), we’d love to!

I will also be adding a few new things to my shop, including some vintage items, and marking down my 2016 calendars shortly…. stay tuned!

Happy 2016 and here’s to a great and magical year!