It’s almost 2019, and things are winding down for the year. Only to start up again next week with a fresh new year, I know I’m excited! I’m ready to kick some serious New Year butt, let me tell ya, it’s gonna be awesome. Epic. Beautiful. Wink!

Keeping it short n’ sweet, I have started a new series of art, just for my mailing list peeps: a monthly calendar in PDF format that you can download and print yourself. That’s right!

> click! If you’d like one sent to you every month, get yo’self on the list! <

I’ve already sent January’s out as of today, so y’all can start your New Year planning a bit early, but if you still wanna sign up to get it, plus February & beyond, click thru to sign up, then you’ll get directed to a link,(sent with a confirmation message), so you can head over to to download it, no probs!

I hate spam too, so I promise I won’t send you any, just an update or two once in a while, stuff I’m doing and other things like new art pieces, sales, events, and any other new stuff I’m hoping you’ll like to hear about!

With much love and thanks for supporting me and my work as always! And hey, if you’re looking for a customized calendar, cards, or another project you think my work would be a great fit for, my books are open and I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a note and we can chat more about working together! Yay!