This week has turned into a busy week with new art for my agent and some fun client projects and I’m feeling super grateful that I can do what I love for a living!

Self-employment is not always easy, but it’s the only way for me to keep my sanity and creativity going. I’m so thankful for every project, every awesome client, and every day I can do this, and on my own terms. I’m also grateful for my husband, chosen family, friends, and support system who support me unconditionally on this crazy journey of art.
I was telling a friend about what I’m doing and she said, “Well you’re basically living the dream!”. I had never thought of it that way, as I’ve always been so busy trying to figure out what’s next, and always felt like I was behind or not good enough or not on trend or whatever insecurity of the day came up around myself and/or my work (and have since learned the deep core why’s behind all of that & kicked them out for good). Keep moving, keep making new art, keep on going. But really, when I wrote on my goals list many years ago to be my own boss, to make and sell art, work with an agent, draw pictures for money (!!) that’s what I’m doing now. Duh. <mindblown>
I created this little card design in Procreate on my iPad, then finished it in Photoshop, my new favorite way of digital drawing/painting. I get myself set up on the couch (Lazyboy recliner for the win!) with a pillow for my desk, a dog snoozing happily beside me, best hubby bringing me tea and occasional snacks, and away I go!
I have some fun things coming up, including  a new fabric collection or two, and a list a mile long of things to do this year! Plus some more Soul Portraits and info on how to get your own done by me, very shortly!
I so appreciate every like, share, and kind comment, it makes my day and helps me keep creating! Big thanks and big love to everyone out there for supporting me and my work, I couldn’t do it without’cha!
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