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We’re 8 days in to 2016 and I am already running forward and doing stuff I never thought I would! I just accepted an invite to be interviewed on a pretty huge podcast, all about quilting, fabric, sewing, all my favorite things. (More deets later but note March 7!) Oh my gosh such an honour! Oh my gosh I need to practice my speaking skills! Heehee!

I’m leaving the crud behind in the garbage can where it belongs. Leaving the bullies far behind where they belong, I’ve forgiven them in my mind, but only to help me move on and get over what they did, which I still don’t understand but whatevs…
I’ve been purging bad stuff, both physical things and not physical things, been enjoying putting things out by the curb and watching the garbage guys dump them in the garbage truck and off it goes, never to be seen again, hehehe! (It’s quite liberating, you should try it!)

I’ve added a word to my word of the year, “Authentic“. To start things off, I got a new ‘do yesterday and some purpley goodness added to it (new pic coming!). It feels definitely more “me”. Off to the races, so far I’m moving faster than I ever thought I could!

Do you have a word or phrase for the year? What is it? What are you doing to “live” with your word?