Wow! What an honour! I was the lucky winner of this past week’s design challenge at Spoonflower, “Poinsettia Gift Tags”.


Click the image above to see the top ten and all the entries, there are so many cute designs to choose from!

How exciting!

I have to thank everyone who votes in the challenges, for me and for everyone. It means a lot, not only for an occasional win or top ten finish, but also because the more eyes and views of my work, it often translates into sales, which means I get a bit of extra income, and that is always good!

I know I’ve only been posting randomly lately which wasn’t the plan, my regular design work has had a busy spell, and leading up to Christmas it always gets busier with year end design projects. I’ve also got a few secret projects I’m working on, and, of course my art show pieces for next September, to concentrate on.

I’m so grateful that I can continue working and doing what I love, and being able to work from home, with my husband and my dogs, and I so appreciate every like, share, kind comment, and every sale or commission of my work, more than you know!  So I thank you even just for stopping by and checking out my work, and reading this too!

With much love and gratitude,